Management Survey Template

July 4, 2011

For a company to be thriving, it is required to have an association method focussed on the path of the completion of goals. A management survey template contains noteworthy questions that are used to consider the capability of persons. This sort of survey is imperative to the institute.

Sample Management Survey Template

Company Name _________________
Address ______________________ (residential address of company)
Phone number _______________ (contact number)
Email id ____________________ (email address)
1.    How well is conflict controlled and resolved? (management of an issue)
1.    Does the workforce have clear sense of goals? (mentality of the employees)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2
2.Does the workforce have any bitterness towards each other? (internal distress in                                 teammates)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2
1.    How well are team as well as individual involvement recognised? (individual as well as teamwork recognition)_____________________________
1.    How often projects are finished on time and satisfactory? (efficiency of the management)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2

Download Management Survey Template in Word Format

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