Leadership survey Template

July 4, 2011

A leadership survey template is used to estimate the effectiveness of a leader. This survey from a team helps the senior management to understand the performance rating of the leader. Such a survey also exposes the relationship that the leader shares with his team.

Sample leadership survey template

Name of the company: ___________________________________________
Name of the team leader: __________________________________________
Name of the department the leader takes care of: ________________________
Name of the person who is taking the survey: __________________________
Designation in the team: ___________________________________________
(Here, the designation of the person who is taking the survey needs to be mentioned)
1. Do you think that your leader possesses the required confidence to lead a team?
[Option 1]
[Option 2]
2. Were you or your team ever been motivated by your leader? If Yes, provide an example
[Option 1]
[Option 2]
3. Give an instance to demonstrate how well he encourages the team to handle pressure situations.

Download Leadership survey Template in Word Format

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