Product Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A product survey is an important means to gauge the product quality, performance and benefits. These kinds of surveys help to develop the product value and production. Such a survey is arranged by the professionals from an organization. A product survey template is a ready to use document to conduct such surveys.

Sample Product Survey Template

Name _______________ (name of person taking survey)
Address________________ (residential address of person)
Phone number __________________ email id _____________ (email address)
1.    What is your level of approval with this product? (satisfaction level is stated)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2
3.    Option 3
4.    Option 1
5.    Option 2
6.    Option 3
1.    How would you rate it in terms of quality? (Rate its performance)
1.    How is the product in comparison to contemporary products? (compare the product’s utility)___________________________________________
2.    Are the package details of the product sufficient? (describe your approval of the information on the package )____________________________________
What sort of enhancement would you like to add to this product? (your views on its improvement and development) ______________________________________

Download Product Survey Template in Word Format

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