Facewash Label Template

June 21, 2011

A facewash label must clearly indicate the chemical or natural components constituting the product, the date of manufacture and expiry as well as other product details which a consumer might be interested to know. Thus a facewash label template must focus on these areas and be as clear and lucid as possible.

Sample Facewash Label Template

__________________________________ [Mention the name of the product]

Date of manufacture: _______________________

Best before: ______________________________months [Mention the relevant dates]

Constitution: [Mention the ingredients used in their correct percentile proportion]

Element1:____________________________________ %

Element 2: ___________________________________ %

Element 3: ___________________________________ %

Directions for use: ________________________________________ [Outline the method of application in order to obtain the best results]

Notice a difference in your skin: ______________________________ [Provide an estimate of the time in which the facewash should start showing its effects]

Manufacturing company: _____________________________________________

Contact for any further queries: ________________________________________ [Provide the name and address of the manufacturing unit to direct queries or complaints]

Download Facewash Label Template in Word Format

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