Body Scrubber Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Body scrubber label template represents the format in which the label on a body scrubber pack is designed. It contains all the necessary details about that scrubber as well as the direction for using it.

Sample Body Scrubber Label Template

_________________________________ [name of the body scrubber]

Image _______________________________ [picture depicting the use of the scrubber]

Manufacturing date ________________________ [the date on which the scrubber is manufactured and packed]

Best before ___________________________ [the date after which using the scrubber can be harmful]

Effectiveness: [mention the list of effectiveness of the particular body scrubber]


1. [Effectiveness 1]

2. [Effectiveness 2]

3. [Effectiveness 3]

4. [Effectiveness 4]

5. [Effectiveness 5]

How to use: _________________________________ [direction for using the scrubber properly]

Including all the taxes, price is__________ [mention the total cost of the scrubber]

__________________________________ [name of the manufacturing company]

Address ___________________________ [address of the company]

Contact details: __________________________ [email address and phone number]

Net amount __________________ [quantity in gm]

Download Body Scrubber Label Template in Word Format

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