Deodorant Label Template

June 21, 2011

A deodorant label template represents the label of a deodorant container which contains all the important details regarding its composition, packaging dates etc.

Sample Deodorant Label Template

___________________________________ [Logo of the Deodorant]

___________________________________ [Description of the Deodorant]

[Directions for Use]

Composition: [Mention the name of ingredients and the ratio of their volume compositions]

[Name of Ingredient]                                           [Composition] (By Volume %)

[Ingredient 1] ________________________

[Ingredient 2] ________________________

[Ingredient 3] ________________________

[Ingredient 4] ________________________                    Date of Manufacture: ___________________________________ [Write the month on which this deodorant was manufactured]

Price including all taxes: ________________________________ [Write the retail price]

Precautions: ________________________________________________________________

[Write the precautions and storage specifications that are to be followed to avoid mishaps]

Not for sale at _______________________________________________________________

[Write the names of the provinces where this deodorant cannot be sold.]

Company Name: _____________________________________________________________

Company Address: ___________________________________________________________

Factory Address: ____________________________________________________________

Please tell us your views about this deodorant at ____________________________________ [Email Address where customers can send their feedback and opinion]

Download Deodorant Label Template in Word Format



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