Perfume Label Template

June 21, 2011

A perfume label template is a format of a label that are found on a perfume bottle and which contains information regarding the perfume with respect to its ingredients, manufacturer, usage and others.

Sample Perfume Label Template

Name _______________________________ [Name of the perfume]

Company’s name _____________________________ [name of the company]

Factory address __________________________ [address of the company’s factory]

Contact number ___________________ [phone number of the company]

Packaging date ____________________ [date of packing]

Best before_____________________ [expiry date]

Contents [all the ingredients that have been used in creating this perfume are listed]

  • ____________[Content 1]
  • ____________[Content 2]
  • ____________[Content 3]
  • ____________[Content 4]
  • ____________[Content 5]

Price ______________ [cost of the perfume including all taxes]

Directions for use [the directions of spraying the perfume properly]

  • _____________________ [direction 1]
  • _____________________ [direction 2]

Volume_____________________ [volume of the perfume present in the bottle]

Storage _____________ [direction for storing]

Eco friendly __________________ [information about its green nature]

Caution: Product is very inflammable

Download Perfume Label Template in Word Format

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