Game Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A game manual template outlines the basic instruction about a game and it gives an idea to the player regarding different rules and regulations of it as well.

Sample Game Manual Template

Name of the game __________________ Customer support ____________________________ [mention few resources through which customers could get further technical support] Contents ___________ [list the various topics of the game manual] Process of installing the game ________________________ Procedures to launch the game _________________________ Various controls _________________ [mention about the various control and their details which one to know before playing the game] Name of control 1 _____________ Function____________________ How to operate ____________________ Name of control 2 ______________ Function _______________________ How to operate ____________________ Name of control 2 ______________ Function _______________________ How to operate ____________________ Details of game interface _________________________ [mention about the interface inorder to make it user friendly for the player] Details of system specification ____________________________ FAQ___________________ [frequently asked questions regarding the game]

Download Game Manual Template in Word Format

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