Fax memo template

June 24, 2011

A fax memo is simply a memo which has been sent through fax. A fax memo is slightly informal and is used for communication by clients who are in frequent contact. The format of a fax memo is flexible and abbreviations in a casual manner can be included. You should confine the content of your memo to one subject. If you want to write about a different subject, write two memos. Below is a sample fax memo template.

Sample Fax Memo Template

Logo of business: ____________________________________________

Name of company: ___________________________________________

Contacts: ___________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

To: _______________________________________________________

Fax no: ______________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________

From: _____________________________________________________

Fax no: ___________________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________________________

Subject: ___________________________________________________

Date of transmission: _________________________________________

No. of pages sent: ____________________________________________

Content: ____________________________________________________

This fax is   ? Personal  ? Business

This fax is * Urgent  * For review  * to be replied to

Company name,



Telephone no:


Download Fax memo template in Word Format


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