Induction Plan Template

June 28, 2011

An induction plan template is created by a company for designing an induction plan. An induction plan is created to smoothen the entry and induction of new recruitment in a job. It clarifies all the areas of concern a new employee may have and addresses certain key issues the company wants each employee to understand. An induction plan is useful for a new employee.

Sample Induction Plan Template:

Name of company: _________________________ [Provide the name of the company]

Induction plan for the year: __________________ [Mention the relevant year]

The values this company stands for: _____________________ [Mention the ethical standards and values the company functions by]

Office hours (subject to conditions): _______________ to ____________ [hrs] [Mention the relevant timings]

Induction training dates: _______________ to ______________ [Mention the dates for the special induction training that new employee will undergo]

Purpose of the induction training: _________________________ [Enumerate why the induction training will benefit the new employees]

Important numbers:

Sexual harassment cell: __________________________

Office of employee services: ______________________ [Provide the contact details]

Download Induction Plan Template in Word Format


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