Training Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A training plan template is a layout for the correct designing of a training plan. A training plan is created to outline the modules of the training course, the duration and the schedule for each day. Thus a training plan template must address each key area and should be informative and valuable.

Sample Training Plan Template:

Name of training course: ___________________________________ [Mention the name of the training for which the plan is being designed]

Duration: ______________________________ days [Mention the relevant number of days]

Modules that will be incorporated in the training course:

  • Module 1: _________________________
  • Module 2: _________________________
  • Module 3: _________________________ [Mention the specific areas of training that the course shall cover]

Tentative schedule:

  • Day 1: ____________________________ activities: ___________________
  • Day 2: ____________________________ activities: ___________________
  • Day 3: ____________________________ activities: ___________________

[Briefly outline the schedule of the training]

Dates of examination: _______ and ___________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the dates on which the trainee will be tested on the skills acquired during training]

Download Training Plan Template in Word Format


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