Product accessibility Template

June 29, 2011

A product accessibility template is a written document used to understand the different accessibility levels of a particular product. This includes the accessibility criteria and some supporting features of the product as well. The accessibility criteria vary according to the type of the product.  A consumer before purchasing a product must go through its accessibility template to have a better understanding of the product. The accessibility criteria are determined by the manufacturer of the product.

Sample Product accessibility Template

Date: –/–/—- [dd / mm / yyyy]

Name of the product: _____________________________

Name of the manufacturer: _________________________

Short description of the product: _________________________________________________________

Contact Person’s name: ______________________

(This person can be contacted in case some more information is required regarding the accessibility of the product)

Contact Person’s mobile no.: ______________________

Contact Person’s Email ID: _______________________

Criteria                            Supporting Features               Additional Comments

____________             _______________             _______________

Download Product accessibility Template in Word Format



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