Loan Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Loan website template is a ready to use document that is used for designing a complete website for Loan Company and the services provided by them.

Sample Loan Website Template

Title of Loan Company____________
Catch Line______________
Insert an Image here_________________
Click below to visit the various facilities provided by website (This section help the user to access the different pages/links given on site.)
About Us
Personal Loan
Education Loan
Home Loan
Corporate Loan
Click here to view   our Guidelines regarding various loans__________________
Click here to take a quick view of loan schemes, EMIs and interest rates with comparison of other banks and financial firms____________________
Click here to make a user account and registration____________________
Click below to make a quick calculation and estimation of loan___________________
Click here to check the EMI calculations of various loans_______________
Click here to view the FAQs regarding Personal Loan__________________
Click to view the FAQs regarding Corporate Loan___________
Help and RSS feed____________
Leave feedback______________

Download Loan Website Template in Word Format

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