HR Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A human resource manual template is the layout of the document, which is presented by a company to its employees. This document explains various policies related to human resource section of a company and guidelines through which an employee can acquire benefits

Sample HR Manual Template

Name of the company ___________________________

Introduction _____________________________ [this section must contain detail overview of the entire manual]

Index: [this section should include list of topics along with the page number]

_________ [name of topic 1]                      page number ____to __________

_________ [name of topic 2]                       page number ___ to _______

_________ [name of topic 3]                     page number ___________ to ___

Detail description: [detailed overview of various topics related to the human resource policy set by the company]

Name of topic 1 ______________________

Detailed overview ____________________

Name of topic 2 ______________________

Detailed overview ____________________

Name of topic 3 ______________________

Detailed overview ____________________

Rules and regulation for implementing the policies:


Download HR Manual Template in Word Format

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