Legal Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A legal receipt template is a document which lays down the format in which a receipt related to any type of legal services is drafted. Advocates, legal consultant or firms use these types of receipts. The template provides details of the service provider, service recipient and the type of services delivered

Sample Legal Receipt Template

Name of Legal consultancy firm______________
Address____________ Phone_________ Email__________ Fax________
(Here the name and contact details of legal service provider will appear.)
Receipt serial number___________
Receipt date___/___/___
(General information about receipt document.)
Client name___________ sex________
Address____________ Phone________ Email___________
(here the name and contact details of client will appear.)
Legal services hired by client__________________
Duration: From___/___/___ to ___/____/___
(Here the details of those services provided to client will appear.)
Advocate name who attended the client case______________ Phone________ Email_________
(Here the specific details of advocate/legal consultant who headed the matter will appear.)
Charges for service______________
Other expense ____________
(Here the details of fee and other miscellaneous charges will appear.)
Grand total____________
A sum of____________ received.
(This part gives details of final payment).
Signature_____________ Dated___/___/___

Download Legal Receipt Template in Word Format

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